ENT & Ophthalmology Unit

Using one of the most recent ENT Unit for examination and diagnosis.the unit includes the all the necessary endoscopes,camera,monitor to help the patient to see and understand his problem.lt contains as well a unit for ear wash.


  • The most advanced surgeries using surgical microscpecan be done by ENT consultant , prof.in the university of tanta.including:
    • middle ear surgery as: myrigoplasty,tympanoplasty,myringotomy and ventilation tube insertion to improve hearing.
    • microlaryngoscopy to remove vocal cord nodules or polyp to improve the voice
  • Tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy
  • Nasal surgery  for correction deviated septum,removal of nasal polyps,other nasal and sinus surgeries with or without endoscopy.

The hospital have audiometry and tympanometry for hearing  and middle ear function evaluation.


Ophthalmology Clinic:

  • One day cases.
  • Cataract operations.
  • Retinal detachment operations.
  • Squint operations.
  • Lacrimal apparatus disorders.
  • Glaucoma operations.
  • Treatment of visual defects. ( glasses, lens)
  • Retinal disorders.
  • Follow up of cases of Diabetic Retinopathy.