Motherhood and Child Center





Dr. Sajida Khan

 Consultant OB/GYN

27 Years of Experience 


Dr.Nadra Hammadi 

Consultant OB/GYN

15 Years of Experience 



Dr. Sousan Hadad

Senior Specialist OB/GYN

21 Years of Experience


Dr. Najet Alonsi

Specialist OB/GYN

15 Years of Experience

  • Treatment of infertiliy.
  • Vaginal bleeding.
  • Menstrual disorders.
  • Urinary Incontinence.
  • Uterine prolapse.
  • Gynocologic Onco-surgery.
  • Abortions and Ectopic pregnancy.
  • Anti- natal and Post-natal care.
  • Nornal Labours and Ceasarean section.
  • Diagnostic and Therapeutic laparoscopy for various Gynecology problems.