Family Medicine

Family medicine is a comprehensive medical specialty that includes comprehensive health care for all ages. The doctor is known as the family doctor or family doctor
Family Medicine
The specialty is a branch and a section of basic care and provides full and comprehensive health care for individuals and families of all ages and diseases and for both sexes. Medicine depends on knowing the person as a member of the family or as an individual in the community and the family medicine depends on making sure that diseases are avoided and health awareness. According to the World Organization of Family Medicine, family medicine aims to provide comprehensive care and health care to all members of the family in the community

 Fields of work of the family doctor
The family doctor works as a doctor for all members of the family. Family members usually resort to him if they suffer from any disease. The family doctor treats minor diseases and provides them with appropriate treatment and medication. If the case requires a specialist doctor in a particular field, This doctor. For example, follow the mother during the pregnancy to the moment of birth, but at birth is transferred to the gynecologist and obstetrics or in cases of pregnancy or the risk of pregnancy is not carried out in the natural track, and also check the children and reassurance them and turn them to a specialist pediatric specialist If there are certain diseases

 The family doctor provides comprehensive medical care to all members of the family. In addition to examination and diagnosis, the doctor provides the patients with preventive care, which includes regular routine examinations, immunological tests in the body, estimates of the body's risk exposure, In addition to the diagnosis of diseases requiring a specialist doctor and cooperation with the treating physician, some family doctors in the United States of America are responsible for the generation of women and the care of newborns