The latest techniques of hemorrhage

The latest equipment to monitor the depth of anesthesia, which is one of the achievements of modern anesthesia and the purpose of taking into account the lack of satisfaction of the body
With high doses of powerful narcotic drugs and avoid their negative effects
It is a technique derived from the brain-imaging device and measures this device degree of anesthesia and depth of consciousness

Needle without pain

Depends on the anesthesia of the nerves of the uterus and the birth canal and the mother remains in the state of consciousness until the baby's vision

Imaging System Ultra sound 4D

Get a stereoscopic and colorful image of the fetus (realistic features) ultrasound

Modern nurseries

  •     Advanced ventilators
  •     Phototherapy devices to treat cases of high blood bile in neonates
  •     Blood gas analyzer for monitoring critical health conditions
  •     Heating device for children
  •      Fixed and removable hoods for removal of discharge from the respiratory system
  •     Beds are open to receive stable situations
  •     Situations that are preparing to come out and yellow cases