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Mother and Child Center of AQSH Celebrates 100 Deliveries

Mother and Child Center of Al Qadi Specialty Hospital celebrated its acheivement of first 100 deliveries with 30% rate of cesearian setion. This celebration was conducted in the main lobby of Al Qadi Specialty Hospital. The celebrations were attended by the four OB/GYN doctors i.e. Dr. Sajida Khan, Dr. Souzane Al Haddad, Dr. Nadra Hammadi and Dr. Najat Al Aanesi. Patient and visitors also participated in the celebration. Mr. Randall Arlett CEO of Al Qadi Specialty Hospital attended the celebration and admired the hard work of the doctors from Mother and Child Center. 

AQSH Celebrates its Best Employees of 2017

Al Qadi Specialty Hospital celebrated the best employees of the year 2017. The employees of the year were chosen from four main divisions i.e. medical, nursing, operational, business development & front office and a fifth name was chosen as CEO's choice for employee of the year. The ceremoney was conducted in AQSH auditorium with attendance of all hospital staff and presence of Mr. Ali Al Qadi from Board of Directors and Mr. Randall Arlett the CEO of Al Qadi Specialty Hospital

AQSH participates in world volunteers day

Al Qadi Specialty Hopsital participated in the World Volunteers' Day 2017 under the supervision of Directorate General of Health Affairs Najran. AQSH launched 4 different volunteer initiatives targetting the improvement of Najran community's health and increasing the awareness in the society. AQSH launched two well equipped specialized mobile clinics of Diabetes and Cardiology in the two big malls of Najran. Additinally AQSH launched awareness lectures in girls schools about breast cancer and its early diagnosis and screening.